What Is The Problem?

IT agreements (like DMS and CRM contracts) are written by IT vendors for the benefit of IT vendors. We change that equation by quickly (and cheaply) eliminating the most common problems in these agreements including:

1. Failing to ensure that disputes are resolved in the dealer’s “home state” using that state’s law.

2. Failing to ensure the “DMS contract” (there can be multiple DMS contracts) ends on a fixed date.

3. Failing to get a 36 month (or less) contract.

4. Failing to get 36 months (or more) of price protection.

5. Failing to get a “data access guarantee.”

6. Failing to restrict signature authority to the dealer-principle.

7. Failing to get a “constriction clause.”

8. Failing to get an “expansion clause.”

9. Failing to adequately plan for the technological obsolescence of hardware & software.

10. Failing to negate “evergreen clauses.”


These 10 examples represent only a fraction of the work we do to improve your DMS / CRM / IT agreements.


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