What Is Our Process?

Our DMS negotiation strategy follows an exclusive 10 point process that is designed to do one thing:

Obtain your dealership the best contract from the best vendor at the best possible price!

Our exclusive process works something like this:

  1. Establish client objectives;
  2. Initiate vendor contact;
  3. Obtain initial proposals;
  4. Evaluate initial price structure;
  5. Obtain final proposals; and
  6. Select the best vendor & execute final contract.

The cornerstone of our process is our personal involvement in your contract’s negotiation.

Unlike our competition, we personally negotiate your contract thereby freeing the dealership’s personnel from the time consuming tasks associated with contract negotiation.

Obviously, we work with the dealership’s personnel through all phases of our process and do our best to relieve the dealership from the minor problems that always occur.

The major obstacle we always face is TIME!

In order to reach our maximum effectiveness, we need 18 to 24 months to fully implement our process therefore we strongly urge you to contact Mark Counts at 713-320-3059 today!